Thursday, 12 November 2015

Reading goal: extend my vocab
1. Experiment with words
2. Understand big words 
3. Use the dictionary

Writing goal: learn what some forms of punctuation
1. practice using advanced punctuation
2. experiment where punctuation would and would not fit.
3. research what punctuation means

Numeracy goal: get better at basic facts 
1. practice multiplication
2. practice division
3. Have a good attitude towards it

Personal goal: get a scholarship for Saint Beeds
1. Get involved with GAT
2. Be motivated in all school work
3. Be motivated at TaeKwonDo 

Thursday, 13 August 2015

secret writing

I run, it’s just behind me. I shoot at it. it won’t die. it gets bigger, it slows down, and falls. it’s dead. we all celebrate.

hide and seek

Hide and seek

there you are, at the cave mouth.
ready to play, he’s the seeker.
YAY! you’re a hider.
lets go, RUN!
good, you know this area well.
just over this hill is a cliff.
you're here, at the bottom of the cliff.
you start to climb the vines.
there is a cave about halfway up.
the sun reflects off the wet, moss covered rocks.
you leave the cave just outside of town.
no one will find you here